Security Patrol Services: Giving Control Back to the Client with MIRS 3.0

We are proud to unveil the latest iteration of our flagship security software, MIRS 3.0, setting a new benchmark in security management technology. Packed with enhanced features and capabilities, MIRS 3.0 empowers our clients with unprecedented control, transparency, and of course, peace of mind.


24/7 Client Portal: Up-to-Date and In the Know

Always stay up-to-date and in the know with MIRS 3.0. Our latest update puts the power of security management in your hands, offering a versatile client portal that adapts to your preferences. Whether you prefer traditional emailed reports or the convenience of online access, MIRS delivers reports tailored to your needs, round-the-clock. Easily gain portal access, update notes for your patrol officer, and even look up past patrols of your site. You will always receive critical information the way you want it, when you want it.


Secure Information: Information Protection

We not only protect your assets, but your information as well! Security is paramount, which is why MIRS 3.0 employs state-of-the-art encryption and passcode protection for sensitive data such as alarm passcodes and client contact information. With an automatic timeout feature, your information remains safeguarded against unauthorized access. Plus, our stringent access controls ensure that officers only access relevant accounts, enhancing data security.


Officer Accountability: Tracking Every Move

MIRS 3.0 revolutionizes officer accountability with comprehensive tracking of key activities. From lunch breaks to fuel stops, every action is individually time-stamped and tracked via GPS, providing real-time insights into patrol activities. With MIRS 3.0, you gain complete visibility into officer actions, ensuring patrols are conducted with precision and efficiency.


Supervision and Backup: Always Supported

Rest easy knowing that you’re never alone with MIRS 3.0. Benefit from 24/7 supervision to relay crucial information to officers on your property, precisely when you need it. Additionally, our robust patrol backup ensures prompt assistance in emergencies, providing unparalleled peace of mind for your security operations.

Your Business Needs a Plan: Responding to Active Shooting Incidents

According to the Portland Police Bureau, there have been 3,254 shooting incidents between the January 2019 and October 2022, with an increase of over 218% shootings over that time, underscoring the need for every business to have a plan to prevent an manage an active shooter incident.

 Sadly, active shooter incidents have occurred in all types of venues, and the trend does not seem to be slowing. Any business can be vulnerable to such a situation, so every business should consider having a plan in place to prevent and manage such an event.

What is an Active Shooter Incident?

You have had the opportunity to hear the phrase several times since the Columbine tragedy but may wonder what the term “Active shooter incident” means precisely.

The FBI defines an active shooter as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.”

In most cases, the shooter expects to die in the event, which makes preventive measures the most critical line of defense.

Prevention; Your First Choice

Once an active shooting incident starts, it is difficult to stop before there are injuries or deaths because they happen quickly and unexpectedly. This makes layers of deterrents your most valuable option in preventing a potential active shooter.

These deterrents should include:

Responding to an Active Shooter Incident

  • Getting out is the first objective. Have an escape plan and train employees in evacuation
  • Alert authorities as soon as possible. Call 911 and leave the line open, and hit the panic button on your alarm system.
  • If you can’t get out, hide out. Take cover quickly as possible.
  • As a last resort, take action. Getting physical with a shooter is never a safe option and should only be considered if your life is in eminent danger. This can be done by attempting to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter by throwing items and improvising weapons, and banding together to attack the shooter.

Today, every business should consider the possibility of an active shooter incident, and be ready with a plan. If you would like more information on how you can deter crime, please call us today at (800)862-4880.

About First Response Inc.

Headquartered in Beaverton, First Response Inc. is the largest privately owned security company in Oregon. Our commitment to “A Higher Standard” enables us to deliver the client service we believe you deserve. First Response has the knowledge, technology and professionalism required to meet all your security needs. We offer a wealth of services — including intrusion detection and burglar alarms, fire systems, access control, video surveillance, home automation and more — while also keeping you constantly connected to your security system right from your smartphone.

With committed customer support and 24/7 in house monitoring center, we won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your security. We are committed to providing unbeatable peace of mind and a higher standard of service and security solutions.

Portland Security Officers: Security Officers and Homeowners Band Together to Get Unlawful Camp Removed

After nearly 2 months, a troublesome camp was removed in East Portland.  A string of threats, thefts, and shootings left First Response Security Officers and their community to take matters into their own hands and bring Peace of Mind to their doorsteps of local businesses and homeowners.


A rowdy camp had inhabited a sidewalk between a popular shopping center and a once quiet neighborhood, creating a pattern of continuous crime and disturbances.


Dating back all the way to June 1st, Security Officer Foster knew that 90% of his time would be spent protecting business owners from this specific camp.  “Every day was mentally taxing for all of us. We consider ourselves a family. We all have different personalities, come from different backgrounds and communities, but when we get on-site, we move as a unit and do whatever it takes to help the client. But this camp, it was a whole other beast. 24 hours of constant conflict with no letup”


“The camp was like nothing we’ve seen before.” Security Officer Mayer added. “They were very entitled, aggressive, and heavily armed. It was like every night they would drink and go in droves to try and loot the business, sometimes at gun point. It’s why we’re here. The businesses didn’t know what else to do.”


Although originally hired by the shopping center, the chaos from the camp had encroached onto the neighboring residential area as well. “Bless their hearts because they really tried to help.” Security Officer Foster recounts. “They tried to bring them bedding, clothes, blankets, trash bags, but the camp wasn’t having it all.” It was often the opposite response. Homeowners and neighbors were often met verbal attacks and threats of arson and robbery. Like the business owners, the neighborhood had had enough.


On days when tensions were high, specifically threats of gun violence, Security Officers tried their best to lean on local law enforcement for help. Unfortunately, unless someone was physically hurt, response from authorities was little to none.


During one specific call, local authorities gave Officer Mayer a city number to contact. “I was calling the number every day. At one point I called them 12 times in a single shift. Tried to explain shootings, violence, robberies, but it didn’t seem to matter. Eventually we all got the idea to pass the number along to the residents as well. We all started calling, and it seemed to move our case up the chain of command. And one day, local authorities came and packed everyone up and sent them on their way. Just like that, everything changed.”


It is important to note that Security Officers can only do so much for transients that are on public property, as outlined here. And the same thing goes for law enforcement as well. What got the job done was the Security Officers going above and beyond to provide Peace of Mind to their client and the neighboring citizens. It was them finding a legal way to get the threat removed and bring safety to the whole community.  It was not enough to keep the camp off their client’s site. The Security Officers wanted everyone involved to feel safe.


“It gave us a lot of pride to get that done.” Officer Foster gleams. “We are who they see every day. They look at us with joy. I’m proud to come to work. It gives me purpose to know that I’m helping the client and community feel happy and safe. Like I said before, at this point, we’re all a family.”

Portland Security Guards: Can A Security Guard Benefit Your Business?

It’s no secret that Portland business owners are constantly pulled in a hundred different directions. So it’s no wonder that thoughts about the business’s physical building might fall to the wayside — until a customer mentions finding the office door unlocked one morning before normal hours, or an employee says that they can’t ever seem find parking in your private parking lot. But is hiring a Portland Security Guard to patrol the premises worth the cost?

If you’re a business owner in Portland on the fence about hiring an On-Site Security Guard to secure your building, but are put off by the price or the idea of the lazy security guard media so often portrays, we’ve gathered a few handy benefits of on-site security.

Security Guard = Visual Deterrence + Peace of Mind

Similar to how the sight of a professionally monitored security system in a house is statistically likely to deter a burglar, knowing a Portland property is guarded by a trained Security Guard can provide welcome peace of mind not just to you as the business owner, but to your patrons and employees. Whether the property is in a high crime area, or simply a bustling building with heavy foot traffic, the mere sight of a professional Security Guard is a deterrent against suspicious activity.

A Security Guard Can Act As Customer Service 

Do you need someone to greet guests as they enter the building, check ID badges, give directions or walk your employees to their cars at night to make sure they get there safely? On-site Security Guards are trained in caring for your customers and helping when needed.

Security Guard = Expertise + Responsibility

When assigned to a post, On-site Security Guards quickly become experts not only on their surroundings, but on the comings and goings of the people who frequent it. That means they notice when a stranger passes through with an oddly filled backpack, or when a car doesn’t seem like it’s in the correct spot. Not only that, but they learn the quirks of your building — like the partially hidden side door your employees may forget to lock before they leave for the day or the tree that blows in front of you backdoor surveillance camera. They have it covered.


Whether they are monitoring your company’s surveillance system or performing a foot patrol around the building, On-site Security Guard are trained — ours are certified by the State of Oregon private security regulatory body as industry professionals — to recognize red flags, prevent potential crimes, and help ensure the correct action is followed in stressful situations. Making sure your property is safe and secure is their job. Contact us here to learn more.

Not All Patrol Services in Portland Are Created Equally. Here’s Why.

As a security provider, we have put more thought, effort, and resources into developing the best patrol service in Portland. Since 1989, First Response™ has been the premier patrol provider throughout the Portland Metropolitan area. We have done this, and continue to do so through the following:

    • From our reputation and history we attract the best security professionals
    • Through our Higher Standards Hiring we hire the right security professionals
    • Throughout our proprietary Officer Training Program we develop the best Security Officers
    • With our vehicles we provide the greatest visual deterrent
    • By our proprietary computerized program we provide Officer generated, computerized reports e-mailed to you the following day (7-days per week)
    • With a 24/7 Communications Center we provide one (1) number to call 24/7 with a live voice on the other end with communications to all of our Security professionals
    • By our technology systems and through our processes, polices and supervision, we ensure the right Officers are providing the best service for our clients.
    • Through our highly qualified and experienced Management Team we have the best in the business managing your security services so you don’t have to.

Our highly trained officers will provide the patrols you require for your Portland property. We will provide the highly effective visual deterrent of motor patrols or check doors while on location to ensure the exterior is secure.

A Portland Patrol Service Is Only As Good As The Officer

As the Officer on your location is a representative of your management staff, it is crucial that Officer maintains and understands your company’s mindset and approach to security. First Response™ does this through maintaining the same level of standards throughout our own management staff and training. By doing this, each of our Officers understands what the client has come to expect from us. Through this, we become an extension of the Management Company/Owner, and create a seamless transition from your staff to our Officers. Our standards include:

    • Through our Higher Standards Hiring process we have implement a multi-tiered recruiting program conforming to universal standards outlined by the American Management Association for critical-position personnel.
    • All Officers are placed into a custom First Response™ Officer Training Program.
    • Each Officer is then assigned to a specific district where they become very familiar with the accounts assigned to that area.
    • Supervision of these Officers is performed by a On-Duty Supervisor as well as our GPS tracking in each of our vehicles.

As we know we are only as good as our officer, we spend hours each week analyzing candidates, new hires and our current officers to ensure the right placement of each individual. We know that with the right Officers with the right training, we will exceed all of your

Trust is the only thing that matters when it comes to a Patrol Service in Portland

We will earn your trust through each and every service we provide to your location(s). We at First Response™ will do what we say, when we say it will happen. Our foundation is built around strong ethics of good business and we know we reap what we so. This may explain how we have won the Portland Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies 6 times. We will be the strong consistent service for you when you need us, as well as when you may not.

About First Response

Headquartered in Beaverton, First Response Inc. is the largest privately owned security company in Oregon. Our commitment to “A Higher Standard” enables us to deliver the client service we believe you deserve.


Choosing the Right On-Site or Patrol Provider

Choosing the right security provider when it comes to on-site officers or patrol services can be an incredibly important decision for your business, impacting not only the overall image of your property but also the peace of mind for your patrons and employees. But that doesn’t mean the decision comes easy.

For the second part of our three part series, we gathered a list of questions to help you find a good fit when searching for a guard and patrol company:

1. What kind of reports will I receive?

You want to know what’s going on around your property. But do you want to receive handwritten reports once a month? Once a week? Some security companies write their reports by hand, leaving the frequency (and legibility) up to chance. Only a few companies will submit daily emailed reports with a customizable amount of information to keep you up to date. We wrote our software in-house to provide the best experience possible for our clients.

2. What if I am not happy with the officer assigned to my property?

Maybe you catch your assigned Officer talking on the phone while on duty, or being too short with a customer. If you feel your assigned Officer is not a good fit for your business, it’s good to know your options. Plus, it’s even better to know your security company is able to quickly make the switch if you need it.

3. Is a Supervisor available 24 hours a day if needed?

What if you wake up at 2 am to a call for your alarm? Knowing that you can speak to a trained supervisor day or night can help bring you greater peace of mind.

4. What type and how much training do the officers receive?

It’s worth knowing that all security officers in the state of Oregon are required to have a minimum of 14 training hours through the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (this minimum is increased to 38 hours if they are training to be an armed officer).  Training through the DPSST includes live classroom instruction, after which applicants take a written examination. Read more about DPSST requirements here.

On top of this, security companies will complete their own individual training as well. Ours includes patrol or on-site job shadowing (depending on where the Officer is placed) as well as quarterly educational training courses in subjects like First Aid and CPR, defensive tactics and customer service.

5. Do you have experience with the specific problem I am dealing with?

It’s safe to say that security companies see a lot of things. However, depending on the number of years they’ve been operating and the level of experience they look for when hiring their officers, their reaction to the plethora of situations that come up will vary.

If finding a company that has seen it all is important to you, ask about their hiring practices and their range of experiences. Online reviews are also a great way to ‘peak under the hood’ to see what clients are saying about a company.

Whether you aren’t sure where to start when choosing a guard and patrol provider, or you’re just looking to be thorough, these questions will help you make the most of your search. To learn more about First Response and the Guard & Patrol services we offer, Contact Us or learn more about our services today!

About First Response

Headquartered in Beaverton, First Response Security is one of the largest privately owned security companies in Oregon. Our commitment to “A Higher Standard” enables us to deliver the client service we believe you deserve.

Behind the Scenes with an On-Site Officer

Despite the bumbling, donut-feasting, highly inept security guard that the media often portrays, the real-life On-Site Officer is anything but.

From the second they clock to the moment they leave for the day, it is an On-Site Officer’s job to cover a variety of duties as chosen by the owner or property manager. But it goes beyond the expected foot patrol, hard checking exterior doors and monitoring for disturbances — an On-Site Officer is just as often a security surveillance monitor, a comforting presence in stressful situations and a friendly face providing customer service to those who need it.

Below you’ll find a snapshot of a typical day in the life of an On-Site Officer in the Beaverton/Portland area, a report similar to the one every one of our clients receives at the end of a shift.

Please note: No donuts were eaten in the creation of this report.

  • On site and on duty at 0856. Checked in with First Response Dispatch. Retrieved keys, badge and site phone from security office. Began patrolling the shopping center.
  • At 0912 I gave directions to a visitor looking for a Doctor’s office in the shopping center.
  • At 0959 hours I found a piece of paper on the walkway that appeared to be confidential patient information. I returned it to the front desk at the Doctor’s office.
  • At 1011 hours I issued a parking violation to a vehicle with no visible DMV placard parked in a disabled spot. I documented the vehicle with a photograph.
  • At 1028 I returned to the security office and updated my reports. I monitored the security cameras.
  • At 1144 I resumed exterior patrols of the shopping center. I checked on a woman whose car was stalled in the parking lot. Roadside assistance arrived and I continued my patrols.
  • At approximately 1226 hours the manager of a store at the shopping center informed me that a female was causing a disturbance outside of the store.  I arrived onsite to find the woman yelling profanities, and witnessed her kick a customer’s vehicle; there appeared to be two other persons with her at the time.  I confirmed that the store manager was on the phone with police, and notified my supervisor of the situation. While the police were on their way, I approached the suspect and asked her to stop kicking the vehicle and speak with me about the issue.  The suspect calmed down, ceased any further aggressive action, and began to explain to me her situation. I let the suspect vent until the Police arrived at approximately 1248 hours.  I provided the police my report, and they furnished me with the suspect’s personal information.  I  documented the damage to the vehicle in my report, and the police took the suspect into custody.  When the police departed the premises, I updated the store manager and informed my supervisor that the situation had concluded.
  • At 1332 hours, the two other persons left the property.
  • At 1341 I returned to the security office, updated my reports and resumed monitoring security cameras.