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As a Portland mechanic shop, you are often targets for theft, vandalism, and a plethora of other security threats. It’s important as a shop owner, to take proactive measures to protect your business, employees, and customers. First Response Security can provide several measures that you can implement to mitigate the risks of theft, vandalism, personal safety, parking lot security, and false damage claims.

Theft and Break-ins

The most significant security threat for mechanics shops, as well as most businesses in Portland, Oregon, is theft and break-ins. To prevent these incidents, shop owners should consider the following measures:

  • Install a monitored security system with cameras and alarms to monitor the premises.
  • Make sure to enroll in our Alarm Response Our highly trained security officers will respond when your alarm goes off, providing a detailed report about their findings.
  • Keep valuable tools and equipment in a secure location, in sight of your monitored cameras


Vandalism has become synonymous with Portland Oregon and has become a costly expense for business owners.  To prevent vandalism, you should consider the following measures:

  • Keep the shop well-lit to deter vandals.
  • Get AI cameras installed with their monitored systems. AI cameras can alert you when specific actions occur. This can include people crossing barriers during certain times, wearing specific articles of clothing like hoodies or backpacks, and many other programmable actions.

Parking Lot Security

Portland parking lots are prime areas for thieves. With a lot of space and people’s valuables available, it is no wonder that parking lots are one of the most vulnerable places of a Portland business.  To ensure parking lot security, you should consider the following measures:

  • Our Proactive Video Monitoring is perfect for parking lots. We use the combination of motion detection, video, audio, and alarm response to not only be able to keep proper surveillance on large parking lots, but to respond and communicate during live acts crime or vandalism.
  • Our Video Trailer acts as an all-in-one security system to monitor any large area after working hours. Complete with 42” high led flood lights, 8 AI cameras, and audio/detection, it is the perfect defender of parking lots all around the Portland metro area.

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