On-Site Security Services

On-Site Security Services

On-Site Services

First Response is the professional hands-on security company to provide Security Officers to your location. Our reputation has been built around raising the industry standard and creating a service catering to each client’s specific needs. From the hiring process to the customer relationship, we take pride in our ability to exceed expectations and surpass the services of our competition.

With each new account, we create specific post orders and develop an in-house training program for each Security Officer on your location, determined by your needs and requests. Within the first week of signing up with First Response, you will see an influx in communication as we work to get all items in order prior to the start date. With a complete transition plan, no item will be overlooked.

Why Choose A First Response Security Officer?

Higher Standards

We have higher employment standards to ensure only the right individuals become Officers. We pay higher wages with better benefits, as you get what you pay for.

Certifications & Training

We provide professional Company Orientation with State Certification and Company Specific Training.

Supervision & Backup

24/7 Supervision to pass along info for the Officer on your property whenever you want, plus 24/7 Patrol Backup, in the event the Officer on your property needs assistance.

Ongoing Education

Each of our Officers have the opportunity for additional training on a quarterly basis, including: CPR/first aid, defensive tactics, handcuffs, baton and customer service.

Step 1: Hiring Formula—The Right Security Officer

First Response engages in a highly proactive, multi-tiered recruiting program conforming to universal standards outlined by the American Management Association for critical-position personnel. The number one objective for us at First Response is to ensure that the Officers we place on your location meet the standards that we have created. Many think that people are our best asset, but in the words of Jim Collins: “The right people are our best asset.”

Step 2: Placement of the Right Security Officer

Once we have hired the right Officer, it is imperative that we place them in a location where they will succeed. As no two Officers are the same, no two locations are the same. We design a mission statement for your location, review the characteristics and skill sets of each of our Officers and select the person(s) whom are most qualified to provide those services.

Step 3: Training the Right Security Officer

Every aspect of professionalism begins with training. It is then reinforced or improved upon with training and ends with training. First Response has the most comprehensive professional education program of any security provider in the Pacific Northwest.

Step 4: Supervision

First Response places extraordinary emphasis on direct supervision of the On-Site Division and the use of highly qualified supervisors. Through the use and availability of its highly trained and capable Patrol Division, First Response is able to provide consistency of supervision and quick response to questions or any issues that may arise through the duration of a shift.

Step #5: The Continuous Relationship

In every relationship, communication is the key — and this is no different. Knowing this, it is our goal to communicate with each new client through the entire transition and/or startup process. There is no “honeymoon” phase when signing up with First Response, but more of an agreement of teamwork to better the security processes and services on the location. We take ownership of each location.

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Our Guarantee Is Complete Client Satisfaction.

With the number of Officers we have on staff and the volume of Officers on duty throughout each day, no company is more qualified and prepared to assist you in the event of an emergency. If you are not completely satisfied with our security services within the first month, you may cancel immediately at no charge.

Big Enough To Get The Job Done, Small Enough To Care.

Our company has been recognized 7 different times by the Portland Business Journal as Oregon’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

First Response handles hundreds of patrol accounts and thousands of alarm monitoring accounts throughout the Northwest.