Security Patrol Services: Giving Control Back to the Client with MIRS 3.0

We are proud to unveil the latest iteration of our flagship security software, MIRS 3.0, setting a new benchmark in security management technology. Packed with enhanced features and capabilities, MIRS 3.0 empowers our clients with unprecedented control, transparency, and of course, peace of mind.


24/7 Client Portal: Up-to-Date and In the Know

Always stay up-to-date and in the know with MIRS 3.0. Our latest update puts the power of security management in your hands, offering a versatile client portal that adapts to your preferences. Whether you prefer traditional emailed reports or the convenience of online access, MIRS delivers reports tailored to your needs, round-the-clock. Easily gain portal access, update notes for your patrol officer, and even look up past patrols of your site. You will always receive critical information the way you want it, when you want it.


Secure Information: Information Protection

We not only protect your assets, but your information as well! Security is paramount, which is why MIRS 3.0 employs state-of-the-art encryption and passcode protection for sensitive data such as alarm passcodes and client contact information. With an automatic timeout feature, your information remains safeguarded against unauthorized access. Plus, our stringent access controls ensure that officers only access relevant accounts, enhancing data security.


Officer Accountability: Tracking Every Move

MIRS 3.0 revolutionizes officer accountability with comprehensive tracking of key activities. From lunch breaks to fuel stops, every action is individually time-stamped and tracked via GPS, providing real-time insights into patrol activities. With MIRS 3.0, you gain complete visibility into officer actions, ensuring patrols are conducted with precision and efficiency.


Supervision and Backup: Always Supported

Rest easy knowing that you’re never alone with MIRS 3.0. Benefit from 24/7 supervision to relay crucial information to officers on your property, precisely when you need it. Additionally, our robust patrol backup ensures prompt assistance in emergencies, providing unparalleled peace of mind for your security operations.