Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions on how to change, add or delete a user code, you may refer to your user manual or you may call us directly at (503) 641-6795 and one of our trained dispatchers will help you along with the process. Be sure you know your password. Nothing can be done at our Central Monitoring Station without giving the proper password.

If you would like to make a change to your call list, please call us directly at (503) 641-6795. You will be required to give your password in order to make any changes to the account including adding or deleting authorized keyholder and non-responder names.

If you are going on vacation, even if it is just for a weekend, we encourage you to call us and let us know. When you call you can tell us when you will be leaving and returning and what is the best phone number to reach you when you are gone. It is also good for us to note who, if anyone, should be coming or going into the house when you are gone. This way, if we do get an alarm we will save valuable time tracking you down to let you know of the incident.

Everyone has instructions on their account that tell our dispatchers who to call and in what order to call them in the event of an alarm. Some people even have detailed instructions on how to react to certain alarms that are specific to their needs. If you have any questions on what your instructions are or who gets called in what order, call us and we can review your instructions with you. These can be mailed or emailed to you as well. You will need to have your password in order to review any account information.

Your decals and yard signs are your first line of defense against would-be burglars. Be sure your decals do not look worn and old. If you need new decals or yard signs we will send someone out to your home or business to replace your broken signs or worn decals free of charge. Click here to contact us to request your decals replacement.

Most of the time false alarms could have been prevented. Click here see what you can do to prevent false alarms at your home or business.

  1. People not knowing how to use the system because they were not properly trained (often times infrequent users like delivery personnel, cleaning service, babysitters, etc).
  2. Entering the wrong code or pushing the wrong buttons.
  3. Doors or windows are left open during arming.
  4. Failure to train new authorized users (i.e., employees, janitors, delivery personnel, etc).
  5. Failure to call our Central Monitoring Station to cancel an alarm.

Need Some Assistance?

If you need help, please contact our Customer Service department:

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