Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers

Equipment Installation, Testing, Maintenance and Support

At First Response, we are dedicated to providing true life safety and security to you and your business. That’s why we created First Response Extinguishers – a dedicated division of First Response Security that provides the following life and safety services:

  • Monthly and Annual Inspection Service
  • First Aid Kits and Replenishment
  • Exit Signs
  • Hood Suppression Systems
  • Extinguisher Installation
  • Hydrostatic Testing

It’s important to be prepared in the event of a fire or life safety emergency with properly functioning and up to date fire and safety supplies. First Response Extinguishers can help! Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

Extinguisher Types

In the event of a fire, don’t risk causing more damage by using the wrong extinguisher. Did you know that there are multiple different classes of fire extinguishers, each made for a different type of fire?

  • Class A: These will put out ordinary combustible fires (for example: wood, paper)
  • Class B: These extinguishers should be used on flammable liquids such as grease or oil
  • Class C: This class of extinguishers are made to use on electrical fires
  • Class D: These are designed for use on flammable metals
  • Class K: This class of extinguishers are made to use on flammable liquids unique to cooking

Additionally, Halon and CO2 extinguishers are specialty extinguishers filled with gas instead of foam. They are most often used to put out fires on valuable electrical equipment, like computer servers. First Response Extinguishers will provide and install the correct extinguishers in the safest legally compliant location.  

Monthly Extinguisher Inspections

The NFPA requires proper documentation of recurring fire extinguisher inspections. And although this inspection can be managed by a designated employee of your business, First Response Extinguishers makes this process easier with our inspection service, where we ensure that in the event you need it, the extinguisher is working and well maintained by a certified professional.

With our inspection service, we will schedule our technician for a monthly visit to thoroughly inspect and sign off on each extinguisher in your building. Not only this, we’ll make record keeping as painless as possible by sending an electronic version of each inspection for easy storage.

Extinguisher Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Annual fire extinguisher maintenance is a thorough examination and repair of your building’s extinguishers, where a technician will also attach a new tag to each extinguisher with the month and year the maintenance was performed and the company who performed the inspection.

Six-year maintenance involves emptying stored pressure fire extinguishers and performing an internal and external inspection of the extinguisher. This mean the extinguisher is broken down so the parts inside can be inspected, cleaned and/or replaced. Then they are refilled, cleaned and tagged with a current date. Again, this maintenance must be performed by an approved extinguisher servicing company.

Hydrostatic Testing

Although your extinguishers are inspected monthly and tested and maintained annually, over time they need a more thorough examination to ensure each and every part is working exactly as it should be, both internally and externally. This is called Hydrostatic Testing, and must be completed every 5 or 12 years, depending on the fire extinguisher. Basically, hydrostatic testing involves pressure testing the extinguisher to test for any leaks or flaws in the structure of the extinguisher.  Because this testing requires special training and equipment, it needs to be performed by an approved extinguisher service company.

First Aid Kit Sales and Service

We provide first aid kits for businesses to have on hand should an emergency arise. Not only this, but we will check the kits annually to ensure that all supplies remain up-to-date. You can buy one of our OSHA-approved workplace kits, or work with us to customize your own bulk First Aid kit. We will work with you to make sure you have all the supplies you need.

Exit Signs

Fire code for businesses in Oregon requires that there be clearly marked exit signs near any secondary exits for the building, with all bulbs in every sign illuminated when the building is occupied. Our First Response technician can inspect and maintain these signs for you, such as changing bulbs and checking to make sure that your building’s signs are working properly.

Our Guarantee Is Complete Client Satisfaction.

As a fellow local business, we understand concepts of return on investment, operational effectiveness and premise liability. For more information, contact First Response today for a complimentary security analysis of your commercial property. We look forward to discussing your wide range of security options.

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