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The PERFECT Patrol is a 4-Factor combination to provide the very best patrol for every single account, every patrol.

The PERFECT Patrol adapts to exceed every client’s expectations. It includes services such as slow-moving motor patrols, hard checking entrance doors, performing light audits and contacting people on location, with each Officer reporting all observations while being tracked through GPS.

Other companies offer vehicle patrols, community patrols and courtesy patrols for less, but only First Response™ can provide The PERFECT Patrol™.

The PERFECT Patrol™ is a 4-factor combination of the following…


Each report is a detailed account of who and what our professionally trained Officers observe while on location, as well as what they did and why they did it. This includes light audits, gathering of people, suspicious activity, etc.


We have developed a proprietary procedure to be performed on every patrol we provide. This includes looking and listening for items out of place and suspicious activity, as well as observing our surroundings at all times. Sometimes our techniques may include double-back patrols, foot patrols, and more. We will apply “security” to everything we do.


Through our patrol tracking processes, we are able to confirm that our Officers were on location, where they went and for how long. Each Officer is reviewed weekly for accuracy to ensure we are providing the services we are contracted for.


Every vehicle is a white, late model, highly visible patrol vehicle using corner to corner reflective stickering for increased visibility. Each vehicle is fully equipped with interior mounted emergency lighting, an adjustable spotlight, first aid kits, flares, and radio communications with our 24-hour Dispatch center.

Not All Patrol Services Are Created Equally

As great as all 4 of the above factors are, they would not be possible if it was not for our Higher Standards Hiring practice to find the Right People, and our proprietary First Response Officer Training Program to train all Officers in the items above and so much more.

You can have a regular patrol by the competition for cheaper, or you can have The PERFECT Patrol by First Response.

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No one provides a better patrol service than First Response. Period. There are many imitators out there claiming to provide the same all-encompassing suite of services (Guard & Patrol, Security Systems and local dispatch and monitoring). This is simply not true. First Response is the most experienced patrol provider in Portland, with the most qualified and trained Officers in the industry. Whether it is one nightly vehicle patrol, lock-up, or door check, we can accomplish it with consistency.

Our Guarantee Is Complete Client Satisfaction.

With the number of Officers we have on staff and the volume of Officers on duty throughout each day, no company is more qualified and prepared to assist you in the event of an emergency. If you are not completely satisfied with our security services within the first month, you may cancel immediately at no charge.

Big Enough To Get The Job Done, Small Enough To Care.

Our company has been recognized 7 different times by the Portland Business Journal as Oregon’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

First Response handles hundreds of patrol accounts and thousands of alarm monitoring accounts throughout the Northwest.

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