Security Cameras: Smarter Cameras mean Smarter Security

These days, security cameras are more accessible than they’ve ever been. You can easily go to your nearest Target or open your browser to Amazon and find one in your price range. Within 24 hours you’ll finally have your own security system and you’ll never have to worry about your safety again…right? 


It’s never that simple. There’s now hours of footage to review and 20 alerts sent to your phone because the neighborhood cat decided that today would be the day to take a nap on your door-step. Your problems, worries, and headaches are just beginning. 


This is actually the truth of the matter. You don’t just need a camera, you need a smart camera. A camera that knows when and what to pay attention to. That knows when you or your family is in danger and when to alert you. To cipher through all the footage and show you what’s really important. You need a camera and security system that is designed around you! Well guess what, it exists.


It’s called video analytics.


Video analytics acts as the mastermind behind your security system. Analytics helps your entire system become more productive during surveillance, cutting down video clutter and making it easier to pinpoint exactly what happened when your safety or belongings become vulnerable.


Through analytics, your camera can be programed for


  • Lingering and loitering time
  • Detailed and specific motion detection
  • License plate reading and facial recognition
  • And many more

A basic camera or DIY solution is not enough. A trip to a department store is not going to keep you safe. With video analytics, you’ll know exactly when you are in legitimate danger in an efficient and productive way. Finally, peace of mind. 


A Solution that Works for You, Wherever You Are


Whether it is a home alarm system providing safety to you and your loved ones or a fully integrated access control system for your business, First Response  has the knowledge, technology and professionalism required to meet all your security needs. We offer a wealth of services — including intrusion detection and burglar alarms, fire systems, access control, video surveillance, home automation and more — while also keeping you constantly connected to your security system right from your smartphone.


With committed customer support and 24/7 in house monitoring center, we won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your security. We are committed to providing unbeatable peace of mind and a higher standard of service and security solutions.