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A First Response Security Value: Dignity & Respect

One of our core Values here at First Response Security is Dignity & Respect, and we define it as “Treating everyone the way we would want to be treated.”  Jeff Walden, our Operations Manager, gives these thoughts on Dignity and Respect, and why this is an important aspect of our work.

Dignity & Respect in the Workplace

Having had the personal experience of working as a uniformed security officer in the field, I know all too well the important roles that dignity and respect play in our profession.  We often encounter people who are unfairly considered as ‘less-than’ by society, and are rarely treated as human beings deserving of compassion and empathy.  You can see them change their demeanor when you approach them as an equal and offer them the basic understanding that each of us ought to offer each other.

This concept often has an inverse as well.  When an officer in the field interacts with any member of the public, we are viewed through a lens colored by every interaction they have ever had with a uniformed “authority figure.”  Unfortunately, it is often that negative stereotype that we must overcome in order to be effective.  The only way to counteract this perception is by demonstrating, in every interaction, that we not only exude the principals of respectful professionalism, but also carry ourselves with the very dignity that we know everyone deserves.

The Heart and Soul of our Profession

First Response management is committed to these principals as an employer.  We believe that every employee is more than an officer in a uniform, and we strive to demonstrate our admiration for the men and women who choose to come work for us every day.  We work daily to make this the best possible place to work, and we define that success based on our employees’ work satisfaction level.  This field of work is unpredictable by nature, and so many things are outside of our control. With that in mind, we have to make sure that where there’s an opportunity to impact the job, we do so in a way that acknowledges the heart and soul of this profession; that heart and soul is the good people who put on their uniform and go out to make the community a better place.


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