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15 Reasons To Choose Us For Your Security Needs

First Response is the right choice to provide your security needs for the following reasons:


    These are two intangibles that we cannot place a value on. We cannot express how important these are to us, as well as how important it is that we earn your trust and continue to build your confidence in us as your security provider. We will do this through applying strong work ethics throughout the Company with each position, instilling ownership and accountability.


    We have a history of continuous growth since opening our doors in 1989. We continue to remain profitable by re-investing our resources into our Company and the local economy. Being a regional Company, all of our resources, revenues and profits assist in the furthering the growth of the local economy.


    We are recognized as one of the most professional security organizations in the country. First Response uses customized security strategies which exceed industry standards. We have the experience in every aspect of security — from high rises, large campuses, to family residences — and the ability to customize a plan to fit your needs. Total solutions for any security needs you may have.


    We set the standard for fair market value in order to meet the client’s expectations. We are committed to providing quality service priced fairly, rather than inferior services that are cheap. Lower prices are a great benefit, except when it results in lack of service. You do get what you pay for.


    Regardless what some providers may sell you, it all comes down to having the right people providing the services. We have built our culture around the needs of our customers, which allows us to provide the best, overall service and professionalism possible. We attract and hire the very best in the industry through our use of technology, appreciation, and benefits.


    Upon meeting all state licensing requirements, each Officer is put through a custom built Officer Training Program. This specialized training allows us to train each Officer on the way we provide services, including client interaction, patrols, responses, handling difficult situations, and more. They are then assigned to a specific area, in which they receive very specific training from a Certified Trainer for each of the accounts they will be providing services to. Training is one of our highest priorities.

    We are the only provider in the Northwest with strict hiring practices and training. First Response engages in a highly proactive, multi-tiered recruiting program conforming to universal standards outlined by the American Management Association for critical-position personnel. All Patrol Officers are placed into a custom First Response Officer Training Program. Paid training allows us to teach new recruits how to provide the services you want and need. Our Officers take their job very seriously because they know how important your safety and security is. Some of these Officers are reserve police Officers when not working full time with us.


    We are one of the only security providers with our own internally staffed dispatch center. This dispatch center is a fully redundant, UL listed monitoring center that is capable of providing many services including emergency disaster organization. By calling one number, you are greeted by a fully trained and qualified dispatcher. They maintain up-to-date account information, and digitally record each call in case there is a question regarding the status of a specific event.

    When your residents/tenants have issues throughout the night, we have our own proprietary 24/7 Dispatch Center. By calling one number you or your residents/tenants will reach a live person qualified to handle any concern you or a tenant/resident may have. When an alarm or tenant call comes in to our dispatch center, the dispatcher brings up the account on a state of the art information program and dispatches it to the patrol vehicle serving that area. Calls are digitally recorded and available for review if there is a question regarding the status of a specific event. Learn More About Our Dispatch Center.


    Each one of our vehicles is outfitted with a state of the art GPS tracker, providing accurate reporting of the location, speed and time on the property of each of our Officers. This system is often reviewed and addressed with Officers to ensure they are meeting our client’s expectations.

    We are the only provider utilizing a GPS tracking system in each of our vehicles. We do this for our own internal checks and balances, as our ability to meet our contracts means a lot to us. Each Officer is checked once per week on a random basis to ensure quality of service.



    Each vehicle is a late model, white, highly visible, professional sedan. Each vehicle is fully equipped with interior mounted emergency lighting, first aid kits, flares, and radio communications with our 24-hour dispatch center. We recognize this as one of our most valuable resources and treat it as such.


    Each vehicle is equipped with a laptop computer providing updated client information and a resource to document all reports. The information in each laptop is updated nightly as the Officers and administration learn more about the premises, such as trouble areas or new procedures. With this resource, our services are provided with more accuracy every time.

    All of the reporting done by First Response’s Officers is Officer generated. This is done while on location for the benefit of our client’s. We provide reports on any safety and security concerns and any response to the location. Every report is sent via e-mail the following business day morning.

    We are the only provider with computerized reporting and up-to-date client information. Reports are done on any safety and security concerns on the property as well as any resident/tenant responses. A legible, easy to read computerized report is then provided to the manager via fax or e-mail (client preference) the following business day, which acts as third-party documentation in resident/tenant disputes or complaints.


    We have a supervisor on duty 24/7 to assist clients and our Officers with any situation that arises. Because of this, we have greater ownership of each challenge or question with a speedy response.



    Although First Response is divided into five different departments and each department has different duties and responsibilities, they all share one goal: A Higher Standard.Whether we’re hiring a new Officer, signing a new contract, or writing site-specific details — everything is done by design to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction with our services.


    First Response has developed one of the strongest and most effective management teams in the Northwest. Based on our success, we’ve attracted exceptionally well-qualified personnel and developed a team of professional, self-motivated managers whose passion for the profession gives us an operational dynamic few companies enjoy. Our management team continuously looks for newer, more efficient ways of consistently set A Higher Standard.


    Through A Higher Standard, we deliver a higher level of Client Service. Some great examples include:

    1. A live person on every call with the knowledge to solve any problem.
    2. “One Voice” contact through our Client Services Team, where each representative knows and understands each client-related item.
    3. A Business Contact Manager, providing consistent information to everyone on each client account.
    4. Guaranteed follow-up within hours for any unanswered questions.
    5. Daily team meetings to ensure all client expectations are met quickly and efficiently.

    It is not just part of our name — it is who we are. When choosing a provider, it may seem you are comparing companies offering a very similar product or service. As you can see from this information, First Response has taken steps to ensure we are innovative and a leader in our industry.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“First Response embodies all the positive attributes I was looking for in a security company and had not found in previous providers. At each stage the First Response team has been professional, knowledgeable, prompt and genuinely invested in making their services work for the customer. I feel much more secure with First Response.”

“My wife and I decided to upgrade our 30 year old security system. Our monitoring service and call center was in the mid west. We were looking for local service and on the recommendation of friends decided on First Response. Now, a month into that relationship, I can say it has taken a few installation visits, but First Response has listened and provided the security upgrade we were aiming for. The installation personnel that came to our house was very experienced. We feel we are in good hands.”

“We’ve worked with First Response for many years, now, and they have always done a great job for us! Nice people to talk with, very reasonable rates, and now they can take care of our fire extinguishers, too! We highly recommend these folks.”

We have used First Response for the last 6+ years. They are always professional and timely. When it comes to security of my business they’re the only ones I will ever use

“First Response is very thorough and cares about their clients. They are quick to respond to any concerns or problems that arise. We have been very happy with the service they provide.”

“First Response came to our response on time and fixed our security problem. The technician was polite and professional. We would highly recommend using First Response for your security needs.”

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Our company has been recognized 7 different times by the Portland Business Journal as Oregon’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

First Response handles hundreds of patrol accounts and thousands of alarm monitoring accounts throughout the Northwest.


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