Alarm Response-The Most Essential Feature of Your Security System!

Anyone familiar with First Response Security has heard us preach about our first-in-class Alarm Response service. But in an age where crime seems to be increasing exponentially every year, Alarm Response is as important as ever. In recent years, concerns have been raised about the increasing phenomenon of slowing police response times in various communities. Slower response times can then embolden criminals, potentially leading to an uptick in criminal activity as perpetrators may feel less deterred by the presence of law enforcement. Our new blog touches on how our Alarm Response service doesn’t just keep you safe, but works alongside local law enforcement to provide extra man power and resources to the local community.

The Challenge Faced by Law Enforcement

In the realm of security alarms, a staggering 90% to 99% fall into the category of false alarms. Whether it’s a forgotten code, an accidental activation, a curious squirrel, a routine delivery, or even the humble deflating balloon, these triggers unnecessarily set off alarms. Given such statistics, it’s no surprise that many police departments struggle to prioritize responses to home security alarms.

Annually, U.S. police agencies contend with over 36 million home security alarms, incurring a substantial cost of $1.8 billion. Unfortunately, the majority of these alarms turn out to be false, squandering precious time and funds that could be better allocated to addressing real-time criminal activities. The situation is untenable, prompting authorities to reconsider their approach, leading to a reluctance to respond.

Verified vs. Non-Verified Crimes

When an alarm activates without a clear cause, the data indicates a high likelihood of it being a false alarm, resulting in a non-verified crime status. Consequently, law enforcement response is often delayed or, in some cases, nonexistent. Conversely, if a home security company can confirm an ongoing crime, law enforcement will act accordingly. However, this verification process typically necessitates physical confirmation at the scene before authorities are contacted. While verification significantly reduces false alarms by 95%, it does not eliminate the risk entirely, and it also prolongs the average response time. The challenge lies in finding a solution that not only ensures rapid and convenient crime verification but also actively engages with potential perpetrators.

The Alarm Response Service

Enter First Response Security. Any security system installed by First Response, home or business, comes equipped with our Alarm Response service.  Our optimal security solution involves pinpointing an actual threat. The key is to deploy human eyes, ears, and voices on the scene immediately, providing private security officers with real-time details of a verified crime in progress. This approach transforms the total response time from hours to minutes, offering a crime prevention strategy that goes beyond mere detection. When choosing your next security solution, every second should be taken into account, as each one holds significant value in ensuring comprehensive protection.