Security for Property Managers

Security Do’s and Don’ts for Property Managers

As a Property Manager, your day-to-day operations require you to wear many hats. Management, cleanliness, usability; everything under the sun. One aspect that is often overlooked is proper safety measures. With tenants paying rent every month, their #1 request is to be able to feel safe and protected in the places they work and live. Below, First Response Security has created a guide of the Do’s and Don’ts for Property Managers to create a safe environment for their tenants and properties.

Make sure you have up-standing tenants.

That’s right, proper security starts as early as the interview process. Though it may seem obvious, it is always important to know who exactly you are renting to. Always make sure to run background checks and criminal records on everyone who will be residing on your premises. This is by far the easiest way to make sure there aren’t any criminals renting your property.

Communication is Key

It’s always important to keep your ears to the ground and understand what is happening in and around your property.  Regular communication with resident is key to staying up to date with the happenings of property as well as learning about safety or security issues as soon as they arise. When it comes to security, the swifter action is taken, the better it is for all parties involved.

Add security cameras

As a property manager, you can’t be everywhere at once. What better way to keep an eye on things than having someone, or something, paying attention at all times. Security cameras are a perfect solution. They can keep an eye on your property 24/7, record any trespassers or incidents, and is the perfect resource when something does occur, and details are needed.

Having advanced access control

One of the easiest ways to keep tenants safe is by controlling who can enter the property. Advanced access control is the best way to provide entry for tenants while keeping strangers out. Access control needs to be active in all common areas – laundry, gyms, pools, parking garages, etc.

Having proper fire and life safety sensors

This goes without saying, but always make sure you have working fire systems in place at every property. This doesn’t just mean a fire alarm, but also smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and certified extinguishers.

Utilize motion technology

The future of security is to be able to recognize a threat before any damage is done, and motion technology has brought us one step closer to this becoming a reality. With motion sensors, you can be alerted right when a specific area is breached, straight to your phone or tablet. Do you need motion sensors in a high traffic area? Well, you’re in luck! All new AI cameras can be programed to only respond to specific types of motions while ignoring others; all decided by you, the property manager!

Of the many hats you wear, securing your property and tenants needs to be priority #1. As explained seen above, there are various measures that you can take to thwart trespasser, property damage, and whatever else might be thrown your way. With this said, it is always important to trust the professionals when it comes to purchasing, installing, and monitoring your chosen security solutions.

Trust the Experts

First Response has the knowledge, technology and professionalism required to meet all your security needs. We offer a wealth of services — including intrusion detection and burglar alarms, fire systems, access control, video surveillance, home automation and more — while also keeping you constantly connected to your security system right from your smartphone.

With committed customer support and 24/7 in house monitoring center, we won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your security. We are committed to providing unbeatable peace of mind and a higher standard of service and security solutions.