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Here at First Response Security, we’re all about results! Don’t believe us? Well check out our twitter thread below where you can find real-life results from the properties we patrol. Updated weekly!

1/23/2023 – Security Officer was contacted by employee of a patrolled site. Employee had footage of another tenant’s employee cutting off locks on site. Security Officer had employee give footage to Property Manager.

1/22/2023 – Security Officer found that a boarded door was ripped off. Stood post until door was able to be boarded up.

1/18/2023 – Security Officer found transient male who had started a campfire on client’s site. Security Officer was able to get the transient off the property, and with the use of his fire extinguisher, was able to put out the fire.

1/16/2023 – Security Officer found a broken door on site during a patrol. They stood post till 7am, when the Property manager showed up and was able to secure the door.

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