Stolen Packages

It’s one of the absolute worst feelings in the world. An ache at the pit of your stomach. Anxiety on top of an already hectic day. But no matter what you’re feeling, the same sentence is uttered over and over again, “Where’s my package?”

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Stolen packages are at an all time high across the country. Whether you’re in an apartment complex, single or multi-family home, it seems like no package is safe from the hands of these porch pirates. According to Consumer Reports, 64% of participants have had a package stolen in the last year. In a private study conducted by ValuePenguin, 4 in 10 shoppers have had deliveries stolen as soon as the package was dropped off. With no indication of stolen property slowing down, what can you do to ensure you receive your packages safe and sound? Well, lucky for you, First Response Security is here to help!

Track Your Package

We know…seems obvious right? But trust us, keeping up-to-date with estimated deliveries, delays, even early arrivals will be your first line of defense when combatting theft. Knowing exactly when a delivery arrives allows you to bring them inside right away. The longer your package sits outside, the more likely it may land in the hands of someone else. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of tracking when you have a lot of items in the mail, so we also suggest signing up for shipping alerts as well. Fedex Delivery Manager, UPS My Choice, and USPS Informed all offer delivery updates via text, email, or mobile app. Knowing when your package is arriving is one of the best ways to prevent it from being stolen.

Amazon Key: Inside Access Feature

Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime? You can find almost anything you need, super-fast and reliable shipping, all done from the comfort of your couch. But did you know that Amazon also has an Amazon Key feature? The Amazon Key is a service only available to prime members that allows the delivery driver to access a secure area of your choosing to leave your package. Whether that be in your car, a motorized gate or fence, or even inside your home! This feature is only offered in select areas so check online if the service is available to you!

A Monitored Alarm System

This might be the most effective approach on the list, but we’re biased! Getting an alarm system with cameras in the package-drop-off area is the perfect way to not only know when someone is in the area, but also act as a great visual deterrent to anyone thinking of stealing a package. With this being said, any store-bought system should work, right? WRONG. A DIY system is a reactive system. In an emergency, the camera footage is merely just proof that your hunch was right, and your package was stolen. A professionally monitored system is a proactive system that can stop your belongings from being stolen in the first place. First Response Security can provide a multitude of systems that can satisfy the type of security you want. We have cameras with Video Analytics that can watch and detect motion in designated areas. You can know exactly when the delivery driver gets there, or if someone is snooping around, with alerts being sent immediately to your phone. Which begs the question, well what if your system catches someone trying to steal your package? We also offer a talk-down feature where our 5-Diamond-rated operators and dispatchers can not only speak to the trespasser and order them to vacate the premise, but can dispatch security officers to your location as well! According to a Consumer Report study, 21% of Americans who had a stolen package in the past had responded by purchasing a camera system. It is the most successful solution on the market. How much money in stolen packages need to be lost before you take action? Contact us today!

Solution that Works for You, Wherever You Are

Whether it is a home alarm system providing safety to you and your loved ones or a fully integrated access control system for your business, First Response has the knowledge, technology and professionalism required to meet all your security needs. We offer a wealth of services — including intrusion detection and burglar alarms, fire systems, access control, video surveillance, home automation and more — while also keeping you constantly connected to your security system right from your smartphone.

With committed customer support and 24/7 in house monitoring center, we won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your security. We are committed to providing unbeatable peace of mind and a higher standard of service and security solutions.