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Portland Businesses: Which Security Camera is Right For You

Since 2020, Portland, Oregon has seen a dramatic uptick in crime, especially theft and vandalism. According to the Portland Business Journal, local robberies have increased exponentially, almost doubling between 2021 and 2022 alone. With that being said, if you are business owner in Portland, Oregon, it is no surprise that you are looking for security cameras for your business. But where to start? Bullet cameras or dome? Do you need an LPR? What do those even mean? Well not to worry, First Response Security is here to help. Let’s explore the different types of security cameras available in Portland.


Bullet Cameras

Probably the most recognizable of the group, and the default symbol for security, bullet cameras are cylindrical in shape, and their longer outside casing provides them with the ability to contain bigger lens, making them the ideal choice for outdoor areas. These larger lenses allows you to see larger distances with a greater level of detail.  They also tend to be weather-resistant, making them ideal for monitoring large areas such as parking lots or building exteriors. Speaking of parking lots, this camera is also ideal for LPR, or License Plate Recognition software. Again, their larger lenses, coupled with their protective covering of intrusive lighting, creates the perfect scenario to capture license plates creeping up on your premises.

Bullet cameras are perfect for businesses like libraries, manufacturing sites, airports, hotels, gas stations, schools, and hospitals.


Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are named after their signature circular encasing. This is one of the more versatile types of cameras on the list due to their ability to excel in both indoor and outdoor environments. Another wonderful feature is that it’s dome-like-casing also doubles as a vandal-proof shield for the camera. Various dome cameras actually come with a “vandal resistant rating, showing how much damage the camera can actually take before malfunctioning. Incorporating a wide varifocal lens, Dome cameras are perfect for banks, restaurants, schools, hotels, warehouses and libraries.


PTZ Cameras

What helps PTZ cameras stand out from the rest of the pack is “pan-tilt-zoom” mechanical parts that allows the camera to move up, down, left, right swivel, and zoom in and out. Depending on the type of software installed, these cameras can even be programmed to sense and follow motion-triggers, or move based on a schedule. Features like this make PTZ cameras ideal for guard stations, airports, supermarkets, and museums.


IP/Wireless Cameras

IP cameras, better known as Internet Protocol cameras, are able to not only capture video, but also send and receive footage over the internet. You will often find these types of cameras coupled with NVRs or Network Video Recorders. Wireless cameras, a type of IP camera, uses Wi-Fi or cellular networks to transmit footage. They are easy to install and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them ideal for situations where you need cameras covering large areas like construction sites, event spaces, and parking lots.


Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras use heat signatures to detect intruders in complete darkness or low-light conditions. They are ideal for monitoring large outdoor areas such as parks or building perimeters.


In conclusion, there are several types of security cameras available in Portland, each with its own unique features and benefits. But getting security cameras is just step 1 of the process. The footage that comes from your new cameras is certainly better than nothing, but is that really going to help with the massive crime in Portland, Oregon?  What you need is a live operator who can verify the feed or an alarm and who is ready to send help at a moment’s notice. You need a proactive approach to your security. And that’s where First Response is here to help!


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