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Who We Are

“A Higher Standard”, Since 1989

Here at First Response Security, we are not just a security company, we are a family! With over 30 years serving the Pacific Northwest, we have learned that every employee matters when when keeping our community safe and providing Peace of Mind. Want to make a difference in your community? Care deeply about the well-being of others? Join First Response Security Today!

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be the security provider of choice in every market that we serve. To that end, our Mission Statement is simply this: To deliver A Higher Standard of security solutions, providing peace of mind for our clients as well as a professional environment for our employees and vendors.

Our Values:

Providing quality, no excuses, safety and security solutions.

Treating everyone the way that we would want to be treated.

Training and supporting every employee to excel.

Working with each other and for each other.

Taking ownership in delivering results to accomplish company goals and objectives.

Aligning what we say with what we do, even when no one is looking.

Remaining committed to charitable donations, philanthropy, and employee care.

Focusing on the future through the use of technology and creative thinking.

Making a reasonable profit to ensure a long lasting legacy.

Demonstrating daily the established mission, vision, and values.

Patrol Officers

Flex Officers

On-Site Officers

What Our Employees Are Saying:

First Response is a great company as either a starting company or a security career. After moving here from across the country, they have been 100% in communication with me about every step. Their HR manager has made me feel like a human being instead of a number. They are a great company and I cant wait to see what my future holds. Thank you First Response for giving me an opportunity with your company!

I was employed six months ago and found the environment to be excellent. Supportive management that wants you as an individual to succeed and therefore they succeed as a company. I found their technology to be first rate. They take care of their equipment and they are open to suggestions on how to make things better. I have been employed in emergency services from 911 Dispatching, Fire Fighting, EMS, and Law Enforcement. I went to security for a slower pace. First Response has not been a slower pace. They are a forward thinking and care totally for the Client, Employee, and everyone who comes in contact with First Response. I have found that security is just as rewarding as my former emergency services career and that is due to the environment, employees and management at First Response. I highly recommend First Response as a career, not just a job.

Great place to work. I always know where I am supposed to be, when I am supposed to be there and what I will be doing. With clear expectations of their employees, First Response is a great place to work.

Great people to work with, Good compensation, Forward thinking when it comes to benefits, They work with your schedule within reason, Management actually cares vs just saying they do, Good routes and clients, officer safety is paramount, and they live the Mission, Vision, and Values.

The people here really do care about their employees. They are always striving to figure out what can be done to improve the quality of the work environment.

Join a Dynamic Team in a Fast Growing Industry

Employee Benefits List

First Response Inc. values your contribution as an employee and offers you these benefits as a “thank you” for being a part of our growing team.

  • 80% or Higher COMPANY PAID Health Insurance (Depending on Position)
  • 80% COMPANY PAID Dental Insurance
  • 80% COMPANY PAID Vision Insurance
  • Fitness Gym Reimbursement (Keep your Current Gym!)
  • 401k with Employer Contributions
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Time Off Available after just 90 days!
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Training & Orientation from the best in the industry!
  • Employee Incentives (Officer of the Month, Referral Bonuses, etc.)
  • Discounted Tri-Met pass
  • Paid licensing after 1 year of employment
  • Awesome, Fun, Positive Company Culture and *the best team* to work with!

Not all benefits apply to all positions. This is a list of available benefits and not a list of benefits for each position in the Company. Please contact our office for specific details and see if these benefits apply to the position you are interested in.

Interview Process

If the applicant meets all of the above minimum requirements for the prospective position, the applicant may be contacted for an interview. Each potential employee is required to fill out an application and provide a resume with current references. With the information in the application and additional questions related to the security industry, the applicant is asked about their work history and customer service ability. If the application passes the first interview, there is a second interview with the manager of the Division to see the possibilities and fit for the prospective position.

Background Check

We check the background of every new hire through OPEN Through this website, we are able to perform a regional wide background check. This step allows us to investigate traffic violations and criminal activity in the past 10 years. At all times we want to make sure that the candidate is someone we want representing First Response, Inc. Knowing that both our and our clients’ reputation is always in jeopardy, we want to be positive that the person we are putting in our security uniform will exemplify professionalism at all times.

Drug Test

Each Employee is required to pass a 5 panel drug test. This is done and received before the employee begins New Hire Orientation. First Response, Inc. is a drug-free company.