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From the first day of service, March 1989, First Response has set the standard by which all other alarm response providers are compared. Most companies who are now providing response services added this service after many years of providing the typical guard services. We came in with a new, fresh approach. First Response was designed to provide a skilled alternative to busy police responding to alarms. Before there were alarm ordinances, or fines from some police departments, we were providing “personalized” services by carrying keys to enter the facility deterring why the alarm activated and then provide a detailed report so the client had the information necessary to solve the situation.


We currently provide thousands or responses each year to all types of calls for service, and this experience pays off with the skills that our officers attain by responding to all these calls. Each officer has either Military Police, police training, formal education at accredited colleges or many years of specific training in security. These are not the same officers one will find at any other company. Each of our District Officers drive late model vehicles, with reflective decals. These highly visible vehicles are recognized throughout the area’s we patrol as a visual deterrent and the professional image of these vehicles reflects positively on you. You want to be proud of the company that represents you and no-other company does it better than First Response.


One of our professionally trained Officers will receive the call from our dispatcher and respond. Upon arrival, the Officer will observe the location and surrounding while evaluating the situation. As it is safe to do so, the Officer will provide an exterior check of the location looking for entry points and/or signs of forced entry. If forced entry is found, the Officer will contact the local jurisdiction to perform an interior patrol as well as prepare a police report. Based upon the specific Response chosen, it may include the following:

  1. Burglar/Fire Alarm Activation Response
  2. Tenant or Resident Response for Assistance
  3. Thorough exterior check of the facility looking for signs of forced entry
  4. A notice of the response can be left on site, but a computerized report can be faxed or e-mailed to the site for your review the following business day
  5. Officers will reset the alarm system before departing (Basic Service Only)
  6. If signs of forced entry, the Officer will contact the local jurisdiction, the monitoring Company and/or an Emergency contact for the location.
  7. Emergency board-up service available through a current vendor (If signed up for)

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Our security specialists are ready to help you!

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