Security Services

Security Services


In our 20+ years of business, we have fine-tuned our services to exceed our client expectations. After all, exceeding our Client’s expectations is what we have built our success upon. We are constantly evolving as a security provider to ensure the services we provide to remain ahead of the curve, innovative, and consistent. From the first company to install laptops in our cars, to the first provide in professional sedans (Impalas), we have set the stage for the industry. As you are reading this, we are reviewing our services and looking for improvements to the services our current and future clients.

Below are brief descriptions of each of our professionally provided security services. Please click on the one you would like to read more about, however, we may encourage you to review each one as the perfect strategy for you may include a little of each. We look forward to hearing from you on how we can work as a team to develop the right security strategy for you.

  • ON-SITE SECURITY SERVICES: We provide professionally trained & experienced Security Officers (Not to be confused with the “Guards” provided by other companies) to protect your property, inside and out. We apply our proprietary training approach to all of our Officers to ensure our Officers are able to exceed expectations. Through our thorough selection process, we ensure each Officer is the right fit for the each account. 

  • PATROL SERVICES: No one provides a better patrol service than First Response. Period. There are many imitators (Read their websites and see how much of the content mimics ours) out there claiming to provide a quality service. This is simply not true. After all, we are the most experienced patrol provider in Portland providing over 4500 patrols to over 200 locations weekly with the most qualified and trained Officers in the industry. Whether it is one nightly vehicle patrol, lock-up, or door check, we can accomplish it with great consistency.

  • ALARM RESPONSE: We began as the original private response provider to alarm calls and now average over 800 responses per month to over 4,000 locations throughout Portland. Whether you are a single-family residence or a multi-building facility, we have the technology and communications to ensure our response is quick, detailed and accurate.

  • 24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE: With the amount of Officers we have on staff and the amount of Officers on duty throughout each day, no company is more qualified and prepared to assist you in the event of an emergency.

OUR GUARANTEE: Complete Client Satisfaction.

If you are not completely satisfied with our security services within the first month, you may cancel immediately at no charge. No Exceptions.

Call Our Portland Security specialists are ready to help you!


Our security specialists are ready to help you!

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