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You may be fiercely devoted to safeguarding your home or business; but the stark reality is that you can’t possibly be present all the time. Additionally, a majority of criminal activity occurs at night, when families are sleeping and business owners are absent. Fortunately, First Response has numerous video surveillance solutions that can serve as an extra set of eyes on your behalf.

Residential Video Surveillance

Installing wireless IP cameras around the home is no longer a complicated process. Today, many homeowners look at residential video surveillance as a tool which helps provide ‘eyes’ when they are away. Using Honeywell’s Total Connect, we can provide video clips straight to any smartphone or computer. This technology helps homeowners maintain control over the entryways and perimeters of the home – and most importantly, keep the family safe.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Often, the use of video surveillance in a business can make the difference between earning a profit and losing money due to theft, vandalism and improper employee behavior. Implementing a video surveillance solution by First Response can help reduce false accident claims (slips/falls), employee and customer theft, and surveillance can also help manage premise liability and worker productivity. In the end, what benefits the most is the bottom line.

Our Video Surveillance Options

From established, reliable brands like Honeywell, Digital Watchdog and Exacq Technologies, our video surveillance products have effectively helped to fulfill the security needs of countless families and business owners. We are thoroughly trained to install and program video surveillance products, both traditional DVR and new IP network-based systems.

Each client can monitor the video system in real time from a home or office with an Internet connection. Additionaly, we offer remote video monitoring services using iWATCH Communications. This service provides our operators to view real time incoming video before dispatching on an alarm. This feature has proven to reduce false alarms and increase efficiency. We also provide virtual guard tours where we remotely view all camera activity at a pre-determined time.

If you are ready to take your home or business security system to the next level, video surveillance is the way to do it. Contact First Response to learn more about your video surveillance options during a free security analysis.

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