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A fire is far more common than most of us would like to believe. In fact, U.S. government data suggests that fire results in property damage in excess of $15 billion per year. In other words, protecting your home and business from fire hazards is critical. Even the most cautious individuals can fall victim to unforeseen smoke, carbon monoxide, and toxic element dangers.

Whether you are wiring a new home or an existing office building, we have the expertise to provide a quality life-safety system that will meet all necessary specifications. We provide full NFPA72 fire design services for commercial applications, complete with installation and annual maintenance/inspection. We have been installing commercial fire systems for over 20 years and we promote NICET certification.

With that in mind, it seems logical that a fire alarm system – complete with carbon monoxide (CO) protection – should be implemented into every home and business as part of the life safety design. With your choice of hard wired or wireless fire devices, First Response can help you determine which product is the best choice to protect you from fire danger.

Trying to eliminate costly telephone lines? We have the solution!

Our FR Radio network can provide significant cost savings by eliminating monthly telephone lines, while increasing reliability at the same time. Through our integrated mesh network we can provide multiple pathways for each fire alarm signal so that it reaches our UL monitoring center within seconds. When it comes to life safety, every second counts. For more information on this valuable life saving product, visit our FR Radio page.

Why Get a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Why should you have a CO detector? Carbon monoxide is odorless, and can be present in a home or building at dangerous (even deadly) levels without the occupants ever knowing it. With a CO detector, you can rest assured that you will be made aware of any carbon monoxide hazards immediately.

If your CO detector goes off, turn off all appliances and other sources of combustion. Immediately get fresh air by opening doors and windows. Call 911 (or for our monitoring customers, communicate with the agent who contacts you). Look for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: headaches, dizziness and vomiting. Move outside for fresh air and do NOT re-enter the premises until it has been aired out and the problem corrected.

At First Response, we have the tools and resources you need to defend property and people against nature’s most dangerous elements. Contact us today to request a free fire security analysis of your home or business.

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