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FRS Radio Alarm Monitoring Systems

First Response is proud to offer our wireless network which will completely eliminate telephone lines while increasing reliability at the same time! We utilize the latest technology that will provide multiple communication pathways (up to 8) to reach our central station, iWatch Communications. Our technology is UL listed for commercial fire, meaning commercial properties no longer need to rely on their telephone provider for monitoring services. In most cases we can utilize your existing fire equipment so there is minimal impact to your system.

How does it work?

Our network exists off a wireless mesh network.  The network consists of a long-range RF signal that sends information via multiple pathways back to our central station.  Each transceiver is both a transmitter and receiver and operates as a repeater within the network.  When they are all linked together, a network is created and the ‘web’ creates multiple paths for each alarm signal. The system constantly self-monitors itself to verify it follows the safest, shortest, and most reliable path possible.

Here are the top advantages to FRS Radio Monitoring

  • Minimize Costs: Completely eliminate monthly telephone lines for alarm monitoring
  • Speed: Alarms are received within seconds – 10 times faster than telephone lines
  • Redundancy: Provides up to 8 pathways of communication
  • Self Healing: Our system will self-heal itself by automatically re-routing the signal if necessary
  • 2-Way Communications: Each signal gets acknowledged and the system is fully supervised
  • Increased Check-In: Your system will check communication every 12 hours
  • Reliability: You are no longer at the mercy of your phone company!

The FRS Radio product can save you thousands of dollars over the many years you have a fire system, so please contact First Response today to receive a full demonstration of the product and a free onsite analysis.

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Our security specialists are ready to help you!

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