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Why should your alarm system be monitored? An audible alarm that sounds when intrusion takes place can often scare off potential offenders, but alarm monitoring is the support you need to make sure help gets there when you really need it. Without alarm monitoring, you can take the chance of a neighbor notifying the authorities when they hear your audible siren – but what if they don’t? Don’t leave the safety of your property and those you care for up to chance. For home and business alike, First Response offers hardwired alarm monitoring that can be your lifeline.

Hardwired alarm monitoring, also known as POTS (“plain old telephone service”) monitoring means that your alarm system is connected to the landline telephone at your home or business. How does it work? If an intrusion activates your alarm, a powerful signal will instantly reach our iWATCH central station, a UL listed facility where live, locally-based security agents are standing by to give the help you need – whether it’s law enforcement, fire department or paramedic personnel. They will respond to your emergency, summon the appropriate help and communicate with you until that help arrives. If the home or business is unoccupied, our agents will still send law enforcement to your address.

For Non-Response Policy Locations

If you live in a city that abides by a non-response policy, you can still benefit from a monitored alarm. Even in non-response policy areas, police and fire departments will respond to panic and fire alarms. Normally, they require visual verification to respond to a burglary alarm; this means passerby or neighbor verification, or the verification of private response from security companies like ours.

But there’s even better news: First Response can send our armed responders no matter what happens when your alarm sounds – whether you respond or not. Ask about our patrol division and security response services when you sign up for alarm monitoring.

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If you’re ready to enhance your property security with telephone-based alarm monitoring services, contact First Response to schedule a free security analysis of your home or business. We will be glad to show you all available options for hardwired or wireless alarm monitoring.

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