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Access Control - Card, Code, and Fob Systems

With the widespread security risks of modern society, businesses should take measures to decrease their vulnerabilities to crime. Limiting access to commercial buildings is one way to get a foothold on these types of security concerns.

Access control systems are one way to accomplish this. With access control, you can rest assured that only authorized occupants are in the building – whether they’re employees, routine customers or trusted vendors. Everyone else is unable to enter unless a building occupant lets them in. With access control solutions from First Response, you can activate your system permanently or on a timed schedule, and maintain a record of which employee entered a specific area, and when they entered it.

What is access control?

Access control systems involve issuing a digital credential (commonly referred to as a card or FOB) to approved building occupants. When the approved users swipe their credential, they are then allowed access into the building. Those who do not carry one are unable to enter, because the door stays locked. Additionally, administrators can approve and delete users as necessary when hiring or firing takes place. An access control system relieves you of the need to change locks and keys when terminations occur, and restricts access to sensitive areas such as:

  • Computer rooms
  • Executive offices
  • Tool rooms
  • Finished goods areas

No matter which areas of your building require access control, First Response can design a system that meets your specific requirements to increase the security climate of the property. We offer access control solutions from Honeywell and Galaxy, two of the most recognized names in the industry.

Managed Access Control

Let First Response handle your access control tasks for you. Our managed access control service uses turnkey solution software to perform tasks like adding and deleting users, limiting access to specific areas, and others. Limit your overhead by having our trained staff manage your access control system.

Learn more about commercial access control solutions by calling First Response today. We will be glad to discuss your access control options during a free security analysis of your business property.

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