Our Company

Mission and Vision

First Response abides by a three-part mission, which includes:

  • To provide no excuses; to get our security services and systems right the first time
  • To treat each employee, client and vendor with dignity and respect
  • To train and support each employee for optimal performance in his/her position

Our Philosophy

“The quality of service a customer receives is only as good as the quality of the individual providing it.”

Dave Foglio, First Response President

At First Response, this statement has served as our philosophy since the day we opened our doors in 1989. Today, that means our people, our training and our equipment go beyond what is expected – so we’re able to handle the unexpected more thoroughly than other security system providers. This philosophy is yet another component of our commitment to A Higher Standard.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked hard to build a company that ensures we not only secure your assets – but also, secures your confidence – at every level.

The Right People

At its core, exemplary service all comes down to having the right people. First Response insists on setting A Higher Standard for our staff, from our client services team to our technicians and security officers. Our hiring process is rigorous and selective, and our training goes beyond the industry standard.

Speaking of training, our attention to quality training for our employees also sets us apart from the competition. Once our employees complete all state training requirements and obtain all requisite licensing, we go to work training them again – this time, on how to best serve our valued customers. Training is that important to us. At First Response, our customers expect more from us because we expect more from our employees.

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Our security specialists are ready to help you!

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