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First Response : A ‘green’ company

For over 22 years, First Response has been concerned with the environment. To solidify this statement, we recycle all paper, metal, and plastic and we have been encouraging our clients to do the same. At our office, we have over 15 recycling stations ready and available for each department to utilize as needed.

In addition to recycling the products we use, at First Response we encourage our employees to utilize more efficient practices, including scanning and e-mailing instead of printing. Not only do we ‘walk the talk’, but we routinely e-mail our clients and encourage them to recycle as well. In 2010 we installed all new lighting throughout our office at a cost of over $8,000. These new lights will offset 20 tons of CO2 and is equal to planting 13 new trees or taking 4 cars off the road!.

Regarding transportation, we purchase vehicles that give us the best gas mileage possible without sacrificing safety. We are also less than one mile away from the Beaverton Transit MAX station, and our office is along a major bus route. We encourage employees to use these resources (in addition to cycling), and we have active employees who routinely use these transportation means.

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