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At First Response, our commitment to A Higher Standard enables us to deliver the client service we believe you deserve.

For example, we provide you with:

  • A knowledgeable, live agent on every customer call
  • Our proprietary "One Voice" contact system, which ensures our entire client services team knows and understands all client-related items
  • A dedicated account manager/client contact, who can provide you with consistent information (if your contact cannot answer any specific question, you receive a guaranteed follow-up call within hours)

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First Response also commits itself to:

Responsiveness: There’s a reason “response” is a part of our name. When choosing a security system provider, it’s easy to think that most companies provide a very similar product or service. However, First Response has taken steps to be miles ahead of the competition. We do this by placing client concerns at the top of each day’s priority list, and handling each situation with an appropriate solution for long-term success. You will not find a more responsive team of security system professionals in the Northwest region. This is why we call ourselves First Response.

Organizational Strategy: First Response is organized into five departments: Business Development, Client Services, Operations (Services and Systems), Accounting, and Human Resources. Each department has different duties and responsibilities, but they all share a common goal: setting higher standards. Whether we’re hiring an employee, signing a new contract, or writing site-specific details, everything is done by design to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Tools and Equipment: Technology is a tool that is ever evolving. When utilized to capacity, it can make the difference between success and failure in nearly any industry. At First Response, our commitment to cutting-edge technology and equipment are another way we set higher standards for ourselves. This means that whether it’s the equipment we use to provide installation services, the tools we use to service an existing security system, we use the most quality industry technology available.

This is how we hold ourselves to A Higher Standard. For questions on your security system options, contact First Response today.

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Our security specialists are ready to help you!

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